Tha bay that can take all types of wind, and has waves up to 2 times head hight, is one of Norways most special surf spots.
The wave is usually soft and easy in the take off, but can kick good in days with higher periods. There are three main peaks in the bay, from north, peach, middle and the south end. It is important to let the tide tune in for the surf in Hoddevik – sometimes it makes the whole difference.


Out toards the open sea you will find the beach Ervik. It is more rocks mixed with sand out there, and because of a bigger wavecatch Ervik can some days be a spot for de experienced. This does not always apply and Ervik gives many good days when it is to small in Hoddevik. There are two peaks straight out from the grave yard and one peak in the south end of the bay. Watch out for the ship wreck in the middle of the bay – it can be completely covered at high tide.