Surf Course

Private surf lesson in Hoddevik
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Never surfed before? No worries we get you surfing in no time

About Stad Surfing School

Learn how to surf with Stad Surfing School on one of Norways most beautiful white sand beach.

While you enjoy being in the crystal clear water, our qualified instructors will teach you all essential fundamentals of surfing step-by-step. In a fun way they will guide you through the tough process of learning to surf.

Group Lesson

Recommended for beginners and families

min. 3 people to max. of 8 people per instructor


Surf camp in Stadlandet

Private-2-Person Lesson

Recommended for couples & young kids

2 people per instructor, all skill levels


Private surf lesson Hoddevik

1-on-1 lesson

Recommended for first timers, intermediate, small kids

1 person per instructor


Big groups

Planning a bachelor party or school trip?

Just send us an email

Get barreled in Norway

Advanced Surfer?

Need a buddy to surf with or would like to improve your skills.

Our instructors from Stad Surfing School are happy to take you to the next level. They will help you identify the areas that need improvement and build up your confidence in the water.

* all necessary equipment is included in the 2 hour lesson

A surf course with Stad Surfing School in Hoddevik

After a warm welcome our instructors will suit you up with all necessary gear and then we take you to the beach. Before jumping in the water we will start with a short introduction on the sand including a step by step instruction on different paddle techniques and how to pop up on your board. After that you will have plenty of time to practice your skills in the water together. The instructor will give you feedback and make sure that you are safe and having a great time.