Welcome to the Strandro Kitchen

In a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, we want to share our philosphy inspired by a genuine interest in food, and especially seafood. We are carefule to select local and fresh ingredients, paired up with a good selection of wine, picked by the wine connoisseur Christopher Mostue & Mostue Vinhus. Our goal is to maintain a healthy respect for the traditional Norwegian kitchen, but still make the dishes exciting. We are proud when we say that catch a lot of the food ourselves, and that we work with local chefs and producers to ensure the highest quality possible on the ingredients.

The restaurant has a good atmosphere, perfectly suitable for a nice meal with friends and family.

As our focus is mainly on surfing, we do not always have an open restaurant. Some weekends when the weather is nice and people are visiting Hoddevika, we fire up the pizza stone oven or make Fish & Chips with self caught fish.

If you want a full service stay with us, food and accomodation included, we warmly welcome groups over 10 people. We ask for a little time to prepare, and need one months notice.

Please contact us if you want a stay and we will find a solution together 🙂

Call the house on +47 57 85 69 44 or send an email to  info@stadsurfing.com

We announce opening hours for the restaurant continuosly in the news section and on facebook. Welcome! 

Opening hours

Please contact us to make a reservation


Food & drink

With the lovely ingredients we find here at Stadlandet, the right chef will whip up dishes everyone should try. The ingredients we get out here is in world class – like during deer during hunting season, fish from the ocean or wild sheep from the highlands. It takes of course a bit more time to prepare things the old fashion way, with local food prepared from scratch – but that makes us enjoy it even more!  .


At Strandro groups of 10 or more can order stay with accommodation and meals. If you choose to book Standro for a group it is the perfect way to combine a weekend with lots of good food from Stadlandet.

Please contact us 1 months ahead at info@stadsurfing.com if you want a stay with half or full-board.