Folkehøyskole Price Overview

Folkehøyskole Price Overview

To book with us for your field trip, please send us an email and provide us with following details:

  • When and length of the stay
  • How many people in total + if surf lessons and gear hire is required

We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Groups less than 15 students

Accommodation       200 kr/person

Surf lesson                 200 kr/person

Surfboard                   200 kr/person

Wetsuit                        200 kr/person

Groups more than 15 students

Accommodation       150 kr/person

Surf lesson                 150 kr/person

Surfboard                   150 kr/person

Wetsuit                        150 kr/person

General Information

  • Each student has to bring their own sleeping bag
  • As a group, please bring your own food. Nearest supermarket is in Leikanger and a 20min drive away
  • To book please contact us via email


Stad Surfing is looking forward to hear from you and to accomodate your school trip