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We welcome all Folkehøyskole to stay and surf with us

Surfboard rental in Stadlandet


Charming little rooms with ocean views and stunning views to the mountain.

  • We have 22 beds in total. From 2 beds per room to 8 beds per room
  • Please bring your own bedding, towels and food
  • At our spacious kitchen you and your student can prepare delicious meals. We also have a little outdoor dining area which you can enjoy with the students
  • Our backyard offers enough space to play ball games and do other fun group activities

Surf Lessons + Equipment Rental

Hoddevik is famous for a consistent swell all year around. While most of the year we have waves for every surf level, we enjoy our little longboard waves in summer.

  • For a safe introduction to surfing, let your students take a 2-hour surf lesson. Our fun instructors are qualified and will get your students surfing in no time.
  • Hire all necessary gear from us. Surfboards, wetsuits, boots and gloves are available.
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What to do in Hoddevik


Hoddevik is more then a small litte fishing village...It is a outdoor paradise. Besides enjoying the white sandy beach and  playing in the waves, Hoddevik offers a wide range of activities.

  • Get a birds eye view of the bay of Hoddevik and hike up one of the surrounding mountains. Strenuous but worth it.
  • Do Yoga with Gry at the barn in Hoddevik or at Bygda Yoga Skule in Årvik.
  • Go fishing from the pier or take a boat out.
  • Skateboard through the village side of Hoddevik.
  • Explore the surrounding neighbourhoods and experience Norway's first pilgrimage place, with unique cultural heritage from the Viking Age and the Middle Ages. ( Dragseidet and Selje Monastry )
  • Visit Norways most western point with view to the dreaded waters of Stadhavet Ocean with the Sunnmøre Alps, the Hornelen Peak and Ålfotbreen glacier in the background. (

For more information please visit one of the tourist information pages of or visit

Please note all those activities has to be organised by yourself. These are only activities we are recommend.

General informations

  • Each student has to bring their own sleeping bag
  • As a group, please bring your own food. Nearest supermarket is in Leikanger and a 20min drive away
  • To book please contact us via email